Why 1st Generation Clones Matter

Is your #cannabis #cultivation operation using BASTARDIZED GENETICS? 

We have all heard the buzz around #tissueculture micropropagation and the benefits of having a clean start to your next crop. But, do you really know why?

In the simplest way to explain Tissue Culture, a plant is brought back to its original state without the deficiencies & diseases that it may have picked up in the past as it was shared from one cultivator to another. 

Advantages of Tissue Culture Micropropagation:

  • Significantly more efficient and prolific plant production, enabling growers to save money and increase revenue.
  • The ability to better preserve cannabis genetics.
  • More vigorous plants than those that come from clones.

Traditional #ASexualPropagation (producing clones off of a mother plant by taking a cutting from it to reproduce without the use of a male) exposes growers to pesticides and disease, and desirable traits fade over multiple generations of cloning. Horticultural experts say is a far superior method to propagate and preserve a plant’s genetics: tissue culture. Tissue culture as a method of micropropagation first came to the fore in the 1950s in the orchid industry. This practice has been adopted by just about every other agricultural crop—from flowers, fruits and vegetables to hops, hay and, now, cannabis. This tactic, especially in in the shared-genetics community, allows for rejuvenated & healthier plant production.

However, if you can start your cloning process off of tissue cultured-derived mother plants, you now have #firstgenerationclones 

Tissue Culture derived mother plants can ensure a clean start free of pathogens compatred to traditional asexual propagation efforts. These babies will be considered #firstgenerationclones  

The strength, health, vigor, potency and yield of #firstgenerationclones will be the best way to start a crop. Many have reported that tissue derived mother plants can show roots quicker to produce babies (cuttings/clones) which flower faster with stronger results. 

When selecting #commercialclones , be sure that your nursery is providing you with clones coming from #tissueculture derived mother plants. 


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